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Cablenet tension wire grid platforms create a permanent overstage Virtual Floor® strong enough to carry the weight of sound and lighting engineers, while offering the freedom to light and/or rig through virtually any point.

Tension wire grid systems are now an accepted and proven method of delivering safe and easy access to high level services. What’s special about Cablenet is its flexibility, and the service and technical know-how behind it.

Specifiers prefer Cablenet for its ability to meet the challenge of unique shapes, sizes and working load requirements. Avoid making costly and sometimes questionable structural changes just to accommodate cookie-cutter rectangular grid systems - specify a Cablenet tension wire grid that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is safe and secure.
Consultants appreciate Slingco's support and help when designing the right tension wire grid solution for their facility. We understand venue spaces are designed to meet a wide range of needs - and adjusting your space or limiting staff creativity to meet a one-size-fits-all system shouldn’t be one of those needs. Enjoy the freedom to create magical experiences for audiences and performers with a Cablenet tension wire grid.

High level access platform solutions

Tension wire grids offer a host of benefits for every kind of venue – theatres, concert halls, arts centres, exhibition halls, schools and other public buildings.

Easy high-level access

  • Safe installation of rigged features
  • Safe teaching space

Flexible and convenient

  • No need for scaffolding towers or fixed walkways
  • Light or rig through almost any point

Quick and efficient

  • Save time on technical change-overs andre-lights

Virtually invisible

  • Casts no shadow from stage lights
  • Acoustically transparent

Tension Wire Grid, Tron Theatre Glasgow

Why Cablenet?

We can install Cablenet in new buildings or retro-fit to old; we can construct it in virtually any size or shape; and, using the experience we’ve gained since first introducing the system more than 20 years ago, we can design it to provide an economical solution to even the most challenging of building layouts.

  • Custom-design and manufacture for your venue
  • Any shape or size, with movable / removable sections as required
  • Load capacity to suit requirements and designed to support a number of people
  • No side-load on buildings - suspended from  hangers or supported by brackets
  • Design, manufacture, installation, inspection,  certification
  • Unparalleled expertise: four decades’ experience across four continents
  • Liaison with architects and design teams from concept to installation
  • Sympathetic blending into existing architectural features

The world's most experienced provider of Virtual Floor® solutions

We have pioneered the use of tension wire grid systems, introducing the technology to new markets and developing innovative solutions for challenging installations. Our projects range from cost-effective, small-scale, modular grids for school and college theatres to all-encompassing custom solutions, including the two largest virtual floors® anywhere in the world.

Case studies

With over 125 successful projects completed over more than 20 years, it’s no exaggeration to claim that we’re the world’s most experienced provider of virtual floor® solutions. Follow the links below to find out more.

ACS Cobham BIC Bournemouth
Birmingham Repertory Theatre Capel Soar

Design · Manufacture · Installation · Inspection · Certification

We bring a wealth of experience to every project, and we look forward to working with you to create the ideal solution for your venue. What’s more, as we undertake design, manufacture and installation, we’re in a unique position to offer ongoing inspection and maintenance too.

Take a look at what we’ve done and what we have to offer. Then talk to us. Because whatever the project, however great the challenge, we get the job done.

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