Tension Wire Grid System at Woodbridge School

Woodbridge School

It’s so easy to rig on it. It makes life easier and quicker and really maximises working time and efficiency.

Woodbridge School is a modular CableNet tensioned wire grid system installed over the auditorium and stage of the 343 seat, £4.5 million Seckford Theatre at Woodbridge School in Suffolk.

A major reason for specifying the eight frame modular Cablenet is to provide completely safe roof access for students and working personnel - including wheelchair users - up in the grid.

The project was managed for Slingco by Peter Downham Clarke, who says, “Offering the same training opportunities, working facilities and access to disabled as well as able bodied people is vital today. Cablenet is an absolutely ideal solution...we’re proud to have been involved in this project...”.

The eight Cablenet frames at Woodbridge are in two different sizes – 3.4 metres square and 3.4 by 2.5 metres – four of each. The 3mm diameter cables are woven at a 70mm pitch and offer 250Kgs of point loading per grid.

In terms of teaching, the CableNet means small groups of pupils can gather around the teacher in the grid and learn which lantern focus and other parameters are needed to achieve the desired effects – rather than previously, when this would have been done by shouting to someone up a tallescope.

Because it’s a flexible theatre space, the Cablenet also enables the widest possible choice of lighting design. Without it, lighting positions would have been severely restricted to two balconies crossing the auditorium.

Slingco’s installation crew of four took two weeks to complete their element of the build.

Tension Wire Grid System at Woodbridge School

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