Theatre hardware

Slingco produce a wide range of complementary theatre hardware products, with most items available from stock.

We are therefore able to offer considerable support to performance venues through our carefully selected range of maintenance items, in addition to capital plant and equipment such as Cablenet and Unibar.

Our range includes galvanized, stainless, pvc covered and black steel wire rope. Test certificates are available when purchasing any items from our range of safety bonds.

We stock a large number of rigging screws, carbine hooks, blue pin bow shackles and galvanized commercial shackles (D and Bow type), as well as galvanized heart shaped thimbles, wire rope grips, malleable straining screws and wedge sockets.

Our coloured round slings includes ferrule clamps, eyebolts, eye nuts and bar clamps.

We also offer a wide selection of complementary theatre hardware products such as wire ropes, safety bonds, rigging screws, carbine hooks, shackles, thimbles, grips and wedge sockets.

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