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Overview leaflet

Download Cablenet leafletA six page introduction to Cablenet tension wire grids – with details of our capabilities, installations and the features and benefits of our Virtual Floor® system.

Download leaflet PDF (4.2MB)


Download Cablenet brochureOur sixteen page Cablenet brochure – which provides full details of our virtual floor® system – can be downloaded from this page in PDF format (6.8MB).

Download brochure PDF (6.8MB)


Download Cablenet PowerpointThis presentation runs through the relative merits of different types of approach to installing a tension wire grid: the elegant efficiency of single frame or 'long-wire' systems vs. the cheaper but more intrusive modular approach suitable in some rigging venues.

Download Powerpoint presentation (27.2MB)


We've prepared iPod versions of each of three videos. Use the links below to download to your PC, then just double-click to add to iTunes.

Live performance swivels

Download Live Performance Swivel leafletSlingco live performance swivels are a high quality safety products, specifically designed for use in flying systems. Features such as aircraft grade, quick release pins, plus matt black finish deliver a high specification product ideally suited for theatrical applications.

Download leaflet PDF (265kb)

Unibar Theatre Winch

Download Unibar LeafletThe Unibar system allows for quick and easy, controlled raising and lowering of suspension bars for general lifting purposes: stage scenery, curtains, speakers and lighting equipment.

Download leaflet PDF (2.6MB)

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