Tension Wire Grid System at Danshogskolen University College of Dance

Danshogskolen University College of Dance

The grid is excellent. It makes it extremely easy for our technical crew to work the space.

Slingco has supplied and installed a Cablenet tensioned wire grid system in the main auditorium at Stockholm’s  Danshögskolan – University College of Dance, part of a brand new 9 million Euro building to house this unique training centre.

Slingco’s MD Nick Dykins and Projects Manager Peter Downham-Clarke first visited the site when it was still an engineering facility for the Royal Institute of Technology - four years before completion of the Danshögskolen, Peter says “It was ideal to be involved at the planning stages of the project, this ensured that all the supporting structural elements were in place for the smooth and efficient installation of the grid”.

The Danshögskolan theatre space itself is designed for flexible use, with a 242 square metre stage area and retractable seating.

The overall Cablenet system covers an area of 20 metres by 15.5 metres and is installed using 5 frames, the largest single frame being 15.5 metres by 10 metres. Two of the frames adjacent to each other are removable, measuring 4.6 x 5.3 metres each, and are used to create an opening of up to 9.3 by 5.4 metres to rig assorted  trapeze and aerial equipment.

The widest grid span is 5 metres, as the Danshögskolen team specifically requested that internal steelwork and struts under the grid structure should be kept to a minimum for lighting and aesthetic purposes. To achieve this, the perimeter beam specified was heavier than usual.

The grid height is 6.7 metres from theatre floor level. The Cablenet frames were assembled on the floor, lifted into place and then fixed to special steel truss-work built into the roof structure Slingco’s installation team of five fitters undertook the work over a 2 week period,

A comprehensive lighting rig is installed above the Cablenet, fully flexible in configuration. Danshögskolan technical staff were particularly keen on utilising contemporary lighting techniques in the space, and they also required the time and efficiency benefits a Cablenet system brings to technical change-overs and re-lights.

Another big advantage of the Cablenet is that lights can be shone through it without any degradation to the beam quality or intensity – just as if the grid were invisible.

It follows two other recent Slingco Cablenet installs in Scandinavia – at The Helsingborg City Theatre and Copenhagen Opera House.

Wire Tension Grid System at Danshogskolen University College of Dance

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