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The Nuffield Theatre has been re-shaped – by removing side walls and ceilings – to improve acoustics, and three new lighting galleries have been installed to provide access to the main lighting systems. Two galleries run at roof level above the seating; the third and largest is above the stage and this is where the Cablenet virtual floor® has been installed.

This tension wire grid takes the form of a rectangle, tapered along the short sides, has an overall size of 10 x 5 metres and is woven with 3mm diameter galvanised wire rope.

  • Architect: Brooke Lillar Peden
  • Theatre consultant: Tilbury Douglas

Key features

  • Tapered rectangular shape
  • 10m x 5m
  • 3mm diameter galvanised rope

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Why choose Cablenet for your tension wire grid system?

We can install Cablenet in new buildings or retro-fit to old; we can construct it in virtually any size or shape; and, using the experience we’ve gained since first introducing the system more than 20 years ago, we can design it to provide an economical solution to even the most challenging of building layouts.

  • Custom-design and manufacture for your venue
  • Any shape or size, with movable / removable sections as required
  • Load capacity to suit requirements and designed to support a number of people
  • No side-load on buildings - suspended from  hangers or supported by brackets
  • Design, manufacture, installation, inspection,  certification
  • Unparalleled expertise: four decades’ experience across four continents
  • Liaison with architects and design teams from concept to installation
  • Sympathetic blending into existing architectural features