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BIC, Bournemouth

The scale of the installation and the accelerated lead-time was a massive challenge. To finish before deadline and on budget is a testament to Slingco’s design, production and installation teams and to the support of Warings, theatre consultants Theatreplan and structural engineers GGP – an all round great team effort

This 2,500 square metre installation, covering the entire roof space of the Bournemouth International Centre’s main Windsor Hall, was part of a £22 million refurbishment project which expanded seated capacity to circa 4,200 and seated/standing capacity to 6,500. It is the largest Cablenet tensioned wire grid system in the world to date.

The project was finished ahead of time - in just seven weeks - and on budget. The tension wire grid comprised 36 miles of steel cabling and 75 tonnes of steel.

In addition to enhanced safety, the Cablenet also increases roof ceiling height to 12 metres which was previously restricted due to a false ceiling. The venue now has a hugely fast, flexible and dynamic rigging capability.

There are two dual-purpose trap doors in the grid that enable the easy hoisting of equipment via a series of rolling beams. They also open up to give clear follow spot beam paths to stage. Their positioning near the edge of the stage gives an exceptionally neat profile for follow-spotting avoiding excess off-target light spillage.

It was the first experience Waring’s had of working with Slingco, and it proved extremely positive. “Slingco are professional, organised and the design process was well managed and painless,” they said.

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